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Celebrity Endorser Influence on Attitude towards Advertisements and Brands
The research paper was written by Bahram Ranjbarian Associate Professor of Management, Zahra Shekarchizade, Zahra Momeni, Master Students of Business Management from The University of Isfahan, Iran. The research was conducted in Iranin 2009 and was published in European Journal of Science in 2010. This study aims to analyze the celebrity endorser influence on attitude toward advertisements and brand. A celebrity is a person who enjoys public recognition and with his or her popularity influences the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Marketers identify Celebrity Endorsement as a most prevalent form of advertising and hence invest a huge amount of money in this strategy. Advertiser assumes that by adopting Celebrity Endorsement will help in creating a positive felling towards the brand, a high recall value, Brand identification, Brand positioning and finally resulting in consumer purchasing the product.

In this paper the information was obtained from students from The University of Isfahan. A questionnaire survey was conducted with 193 (137 women and 56 men) randomly selected students of the age group between 19 and 30. A cluster sampling procedure with age and degree with main control variable was applied. The questionnaire was measured by using Likert Scale. A pilot study of 30 questions was conducted in order to measure the reliability of question.

The findings said that influence of using a celebrity endorser in Iranian advertisement showed positive and significant relationship between attitude towards celebrity endorser and attitude towards brand and advertisement. The study concludes that attitude towards Celebrity Endorsement...
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