Celebrity Cruise Case

Topics: Cruise line, Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Executive summary –

Celebrity cruise line is a company which prides themselves in providing a great customer experience. They try to cover every need and go out of their way to make the customers feel as if they are celebrities. From the way they handle the onboarding to how they try to learn the customer’s needs and wants. The ships currently run like clockwork and every bit is planned and scheduled in order to keep things running smoothly. The company strongly prides themselves in being able to keep up with everything that goes on while the ships are out at sea and that they can keep the customers happy. They offer rewards to those who are repeat customers by giving them additional perks for continuing to cruise with them rather than competitors.
Background –
Celebrity cruise line is offering luxury cruises and enticing patrons to become repeat customers by offering them additional perks. They want for the cruise line industry to continue being a great experience while still by a luxury. While staying in the medium price range they want to make it seem to be a higher end experience to their customers. Currently they are trying to find a way for the industry to keep a high standing as a vacation option. They do not want it to become a past time or to not appeal as a luxury and fade away.

Problem Statement –
They need to bring the spark back to the industry by appealing to the needs of the patrons and deciding if more in depth customization of the experience will help.

Analysis –
The company needs to find their niche. Are they looking to be a price leader or are they looking to be in the area of customization. Depending on which option they feel is going to keep them a head in the industry of vacations will determine which direction they need to go next. Each of these service areas has a different ways that they need to be handled and things that need to be done. With cruise lines having many different ships and different routes in which...
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