Celebrities and Sports Stars being bad role models to children

Topics: Miley Cyrus, English-language films, Timbaland Pages: 4 (1771 words) Published: October 26, 2014
October 26, 2014
Celebrities and Sports Stars being bad role models to children In todays world you can’t even look at the news without witnessing one of these celebrities or sports stars making a mockery of them selves. Whether it’s anywhere from drinking and driving, doing drugs, racing sport cars , or doing all three of those things in one instance like singer/songwriter Justin Bieber did last month. The only thing that makes doing all that stuff worse is having millions of adoring fans who will mimic your actions, wear what you wear, even say what you say. Celebrities and sports stars have a tremendous impact on children in today’s world. If you ask a child who his or her role model is there is a higher chance they will say a celebrity or sports stars name over there own parents name. So when a kid sees his role model smoking pot or drinking liquor in his head he will think wow if he is doing that it must be cool so I should try it. How ever most of these troublemaking celebrities say it’s the parents are the bad influence and that they are to blame for there kids choosing the celebrities to be there role models over there parents. How ever in one particular case it is the celebrity’s parent’s being a bad role model to the celebrity who then is a bad role model to millions of fans. On January 22 a day before Justin Biebers arrest for drag racing under the influence he was allegedly seen partying in a Miami night club with his father the night of the arrest; Also his father was reportedly in one of the SUV’s in the caravan of cars following Justin Biebers car to block off the rode so his son could race. When fans see something like this happening they are more likely to drink and do drugs hop in a car and attempt to race which could potentially cause serious injuries or even death to many innocent people. Parents are saying that Celebrities are rotting there children’s minds by exploiting explicit drug use, .alcohol abuse, and underage sexual...
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