Celebration Of Life

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Celebration of Life

The best celebrations are those
that focus on the persons being
honored, and the occasion. Make
your message positive, and
centered on the star.

Types of celebration of
 Family

Eg: reunions
 Celebrations and occasions of
maturation and entering a new stage
of life
Eg: Bar mitzvahs
 Ceremonies of faith
Eg: baptism, christening, or dedication
of an infant or child


on the person
•Reflect positive growth and
Write a brief, personal, warm, and
positive anecdote or story about the
•Conclude with best wishes
•Include a picture of celebration
•Too brief divide to parts intro, content
and conclusion

 Learn

something about the occasion,
event, or rite before writing your

 Don’t

let your message go beyond your
personal knowledge and true feelings

 Avoid

anything that could embarrass
the celebrant.

 Don’t
 Keep

mix messages.
the focus on the celebrant.

Various ways of writing
celebration letters:
 Handwritten

note on your personal

 Greeting cards
 If sending a gift, write personal
message on a gift card and attach it to
the gift.
 Send an email greeting including an

Examples of strong
 Exchange

students program overseas
-Your whole family is so proud of you as you embark
on a whole new phase of your life.
-You have demonstrated that you are fully equipped
to step up to this next great life adventure and
turn it into something spectacular!
 Retirement

-You’ve turned every life change into an
opportunity, and we can hardly wait to see what
you do with retirement!

- Brief introduction & your purpose
- Something you would like to share & tell
- Congrats again

A Young Man’s Bar Mitzvah

Mazel tov! I remember your grandfather’s
and your father’s bar mitzvahs, and now I am
fortunate enough to witness yours. Such a
wonderful time and such a wonderful family
you have. I know you will become one of the
next generation of leaders in our community.
You have already demonstrated that you are
equal to the challenge, with all the excellent
study you’ve completed to reach this day.
I look forward to sharing some special stories
with everyone at your party.
Congratulations, and welcome to this bold,
new world.
Uncle Max

A relative Retires

Dear Uncle Hermie.
What a perfect day you must had on Friday. All
your dreams about the years to come are now
within your grasp, as you set out this wonderful
new and exciting chapter of your life.
I know all the inventiveness and genius you
brought to bear in your workplace at Dinger will
now be focused on building that sailboat, New
Horizons. I look forward to working with you on
Saturdays. I’ve got the champagne ready for the
christening! Congratulations and best wishes for
smooth sailing in retirement!

A Wedding Anniversary

Dear Elizabeth and Frank,
Congratulations! Of course we’ll attend
your fiftieth wedding anniversary
celebration. Jack and I will be proud to
relate the story of the weekend on Lake
Witless. It remains a favourite in this
You two have achieved a unique level of
oneness in your marriage that we’ve
long admired. Our best wishes for many,
many more years of even more
happiness yet to come.

On the Birth Of Children

Dear Carolyn,
What wonderful news that the twins were
born and are doing well. I’ve heard they
were pronounced “perfect” by the
pediatrician, and we rejoice with you.
I’m sure you would much rather have
brought them straight home from the
hospital, but perhaps this will give you a
little time to rest up. I’ll call you next week
to see what you need. In the meantime,
please call me if there’s any way I may help.
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