Celebration of culture

Topics: Performance, People's Republic of China, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: November 8, 2013
When I first heard about the Celebration of Culture, I was quite amazed by this brilliant idea. This is a very good way to assimilate boarders from all over the world into the same community we are having now and to let everyone have a better understanding of the different cultures.

Many boarders have put in a lot of efforts into the preparation and organization of the COC performances and booths. I also contributed to the performance as the pianist for the song that represents my country, China. COC was the first major event I had in Oldham. When I was asked to play the piano for the song, I was quite surprised in the sense that I barely know any boarders here and I was so afraid we might not cooperate as a whole group. However, my assumption was wrong. Everyone was very welcoming and we got to know each other while working towards the same goal. We learned to work as a team, or more, as a representation of our dear homelands. It was a delightful time for every single one of us.

Oldham Hall is no doubt a “small world”. Boarders from all over the world are gathered in Oldham as one big family. The countries represented in COC were China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. As a surprise for this year, the exchange students from Hong Kong also joined us with their wonderful singing prepared in less than 2 days! Our Chinese boarders performed a classic song from the 2008 Beijing Olympic entitled “Me and you”; our Indonesian boarders performed their traditional dance and song which had gave the audience great visual entertainment; Korean boarders performed their popular martial art Taekwondo and the HOT song Gentlemen by PSY; boarders from Malaysia and Singapore performed a skit which, with its hilarious scenes, made everyone laugh so hard; performance by our Thai friends was very cute and the dances were overwhelming; last but not least, Vietnam with its skit impressed many of us. And finally the exciting part was the annoucement...
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