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Celebration Paper
This class course has given me the opportunity to learn about race, ethnic relations and how it’s changed my view with people and the world. During a lecture day Dr. J showed a video that involved students who were testing their Micdorndria gene system. I learned from the video, there are individuals who share the exact same Micdrondria, but don’t share the same facial features. The video had me shocked, because I had no idea there can be someone with the same sequence. After watching the video, I had changed my thinking about everyone being different. I understand not everyone looks the same, but I now know the person aside from my facial features can share the same Micdrondria gene system. I now find myself looking aside the outside and thinking about everyone is related somehow.

The most interesting class discussion Dr. J explained was people living in a bubble. I didn’t understand what this meant in the beginning, until the interview with Cornel West. During the interview, Cornel explains the bubble being Americans living in a domestic bubble, where people are accustomed to what they see and experience. Many people don’t seem to adjust to the new reality and continue their life in a bubble. Most American's think they know something about the rest of the world but very few actually do. I was guilty of this as well, a best friend of mine is from South Asia and I was born and raised American. He told me that the power goes out for 6-8 hours a day when it gets hot because too many fans are running and this happens every day. I can't believe that this stuff really goes on. I guess you can say that I live in a bubble as an American. Sometimes it’s not on purpose, like with me, but I had no idea. Dr. J explained many people don’t know of anything else but what their accustomed to which is living in a bubble. After this lecture, I thought about what my best friend told me. I now see myself looking outside my bubble, because I realize...
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