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By girlygirlyjosie Apr 01, 2013 526 Words
Celebration Paper
This class course has given me the opportunity to learn about race, ethnic relations and how it’s changed my view with people and the world. During a lecture day Dr. J showed a video that involved students who were testing their Micdorndria gene system. I learned from the video, there are individuals who share the exact same Micdrondria, but don’t share the same facial features. The video had me shocked, because I had no idea there can be someone with the same sequence. After watching the video, I had changed my thinking about everyone being different. I understand not everyone looks the same, but I now know the person aside from my facial features can share the same Micdrondria gene system. I now find myself looking aside the outside and thinking about everyone is related somehow.

The most interesting class discussion Dr. J explained was people living in a bubble. I didn’t understand what this meant in the beginning, until the interview with Cornel West. During the interview, Cornel explains the bubble being Americans living in a domestic bubble, where people are accustomed to what they see and experience. Many people don’t seem to adjust to the new reality and continue their life in a bubble. Most American's think they know something about the rest of the world but very few actually do. I was guilty of this as well, a best friend of mine is from South Asia and I was born and raised American. He told me that the power goes out for 6-8 hours a day when it gets hot because too many fans are running and this happens every day. I can't believe that this stuff really goes on. I guess you can say that I live in a bubble as an American. Sometimes it’s not on purpose, like with me, but I had no idea. Dr. J explained many people don’t know of anything else but what their accustomed to which is living in a bubble. After this lecture, I thought about what my best friend told me. I now see myself looking outside my bubble, because I realize I’m in control of my bubble. This lecture helped me understand situations like my best friend. I find it tricky at times to see outside the bubble, but refuse to be ignorant for now on.

This class course was a great semester, I enjoyed the seating rule. Every class session we had to sit somewhere different, and met four people. This helped me introduce myself to others, and broke the same seating zone in other classes. I always found myself seating in the same seat throughout college, but now I’ve changed that and now seat near different people. I believe this will help meeting others from different ethnicity and hopefully identify some bias situations to help reduce. I’ve learned bias situations that occur on my daily life, and I’m trying to eliminate them. Having a partner throughout the semester was great and helped understand not everyone has the same celebrations. I found the partner sharing important because it was an opportunity to recognize living in a bubble.

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