Celcom Background

Topics: Mobile phone, Telecommunication, Deutsche Telekom Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Celcom started its operation as STM Communication in 1988 with Fleet Group and Telekom Malaysia as shareholders. Subsequently Telekom Malaysia sold its 51% shareholding to the TRI group which was controlled by Tajuddin Ramli. Fleet Group’s share meanwhile was transferred to the Time Engineering group which was later sold to TRI. In the initial year Celcom experienced a tremendous growth is subscriber base and network coverage under the stewardship of Rosli Man, the President of the company. It was during his tenure that Celcom turned into the leading cellular companies in Malaysia. He left Celcom in 1996. When the cellular phone market was opened up in 1995, Celcom upgraded to the GSM900 service and quickly grew to become the largest mobile phone company in Malaysia.Competition soon sets in, and several digital mobile telcos compete for market dominance. It was the age of the phenomenal growth of mobile services. During the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Celcom’s owner, Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli suffered a debt crunch, and his shareholding in Celcom was seized by Danaharta, the national asset restructuring company. Failure to resolve his debts resulted in the controlling stake in Celcom being sold to Telekom Malaysia, the government-owned incumbent fixed line operator in 2003. Telekom Malaysia proceeded to merge Celcom with its own mobile-operator subsidiary TMTouch through a reverse takeover of TMTouch. Celcom originally listed on the Bursa Malaysia, but after the merge with Telekom Malaysia Berhad, it has since remained private. Owing to the bad management of its former management Celcom was as found liable by an arbitration panel in Switzerland of infringing an agreement signed with Deutsche Telekom AG’s unit, DeTeAsia in 2002. VISION AND MISSION

Celcom’s vision is to become the finest enterprise in the country to: * Delight customers.
* Build a profitable enterprise thah...
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