Ceemea Case Study

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Key To Business Solutions

Presentation Outline
1. Client Profile 2. Problem Analysis 3. Business Objectives 4. Methodology & Approach 5. Implementation Plan 6. Information Orientation 7. Change Requirements 8. Proposed Solution 9. Change Execution & Risks Mitigation 10. Resources Requirements & ROI 11. Benefits of Proposed Solutions 12. Conclusion

Client Profile
Citigroup’s CEEMEA Sales & Trading Unit
Scope : Central & Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independence States, Middle East & Egypt, Africa, Poland, Turkey, South Africa and London Income : Trading of Financial Instrument (foreign currency, money market and fix interest rate bonds) Income : Providing hedges to customers (shares, bonds, foreign exchange currency and commodities)

CEEMEA Market : 31 countries

The need : Using real-time information through IT application

Problem Analysis
Decentralized system Not fully utilized Manually Unsynchronized data collection

Scattered and managed separately by units Information sharing – not optimum Difficulties - real-time information, take time to produce report

Not focus on clients Lack of trust each other Not shared information & requirement

Business Objectives
• Leveraging information, personel & IT • Customer services, information sharing & knowledge management

Increase 50% revenue

Increase Client satisfaction

Establish corporate culture
• Based integrity, discipline, competent, information sharing & leadership

Attract new customer, retain & expend relationship
• Introduce new product, reduce cost

Methodology & Approach
PHASE 1 Current Status Assessment (Status now and what are the capabilities)  Current business assessment  Current ICT assessment PHASE 2 Plan Solution (Direction in the future)  Strategic direction PHASE 3 Implementation (How to get there?)  Transformed solution, technology architecture, implementation strategy and cost estimation

Implementation Plan

Information Orientation (IO)
Conceptual Diagram

Change Requirements
Technological Factor

A centralize web-based platform (synchronization)

Management Factor

Appoint Chief Information Officer (CIO)

IT Executive for each country easy flow of information

Organizational Factor

Tactical Level

Provide Training to adopt new technology

Operational Level

Usage of the system

Proposed Solutions
Customer Relationship Management

Trading Information Flow Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) In Hybrid Cloud

Risk and Credit Management

Proposed Solutions

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud – PaaS provided by GoGrid

Public Cloud
Public Portal

Private - Employees & Managerial

Public – Employees, Managerial & Clients

Cloud Computing Technology

Services Type: IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service PaaS: Platform-as-a-Service SaaS: Software-as-a-Service Proposed Service: PaaS: Platform-as-a-service – provides the firm with a development environment that IT staff can use to create new applications for the rest of the company (and the customers) to use. This is computer plus development tools.

Cloud: Deployment Models

Definition: > Public Cloud > Hybrid Cloud > Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Proposed concept: CEEMEA’s employees and managers will be able to access the public cloud hosting (portal) anytime, anywhere they want like their customers using the web browser. The access to the private cloud hosting (ERP) is granted to employees or staff only via the system interface.

Cloud Hosting Costing
GoGrid.com to provide the cloud hosting services to CEEMEA. Why GoGrid.com: > Cheaper hosting compared to others. > Easy to estimate cost with their tools. > Pay only for Outbound Data Transfer. Inbound Data Transfer is free. > Provide Hybrid Dedicated / Cloud Server Networks.

Flat fee of $9999.00 for the first 200,000 Server RAM hours. Deployed RAM in excess of 200,000 GB is billed at $0.05 per GB of RAM...
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