Topics: Acre, Cleanliness, Metro Manila Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Cedar Bog Lake was once a very popular site in the peaceful and little town of Segovia. The lake’s crystal clear water allowed the Segovian people to breed and raise various kinds of fishes and other sea animals which were their main source of livelihood. But the coming of the Industrial Age slowly destroyed the ecological balance and stability of the lake. Industrial plants established in Segovia made the lake as the dumping site of their hazardous by-products and wastes. Sensing the deterioration of the lake which placed the people in such a squalid condition, the government of Segovia issued a decree prohibiting the industrial plants from dumping their wastes into the lake and ordering them to pay a fine for the environmental destruction that they have caused. But the head of the Segovian government was not satisfied with the decree alone.

Coming to know of the campaign of the Segovian people, the Philippine government which was successful in cleaning up the very polluted Pasig River ( note : this case is fictional ) offered to help. They revealed the secret behind their success with River Pasig: a chemical cleaning solution called Didi 10. This special chemical solution created by Filipino scientists is specifically for removing pollution from environmental bodies of water. Approximately 100 ml. of Didi 10 should be applied per one acre of lake area to be able to completely clean the water. But the Segovian government has a problem, they don’t know the area of Cedar Bog Lake. All they know is that the whole lake can be enclosed in a rectangular area 500 ft. wide and 1000 ft. long (the lake is shown below with the scale shown in feet). Also, it would be difficult to measure Cedar Bog Lake’s area manually because of its highly irregular shape. The government of Segovia needs to know the lake’s total area to be able to determine the appropriate amount of Didi 10 to apply. Putting in insufficient amounts of the chemical solution would not clean up the...
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