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Topics: Music, Piano, Musical notation Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: October 30, 2013
After some researching. the one composer that caught my ear and attention was Cecile Louise Stephanie Chaminade, most commonly known as Cecile Chaminade. She was a French composer and pianist. From the years of her birth in 1857 to her death in Monte Carlo in 1944, she composed over a hundred pieces that gave her a wide range of admirers. What really caught my attention about Chaminade was the fact that her father disapproved of her musical education. With the strong passion she had, she continued forward in her musical career. At eight years old, she played her music to Georges Bizet who was extremely impressed. Chaminade continued the success and gave her first concert at eighteen. From then on, constant music from Chaminade was being published and gaining popularity.

Out of all of her fantastic works, I fell in love with Piano Trio No.1 in G minor, op.11. The piece has such an amazing musical flow with the piano being the star. It took me a while to choose a specific movement and after careful listening, I decided on III. Presto leggiero. I compared the movements to movie genres and I,II,IV could all be played in a romantic film. I am not a big fan of romantic films, that is why I like III- Presto leggiero, which resembled more of an action-suspense film. Presto leggiero is a little bit faster paced than the others. At 0:30 is my favorite where the piano really takes over and continues a high note melody. I continued to play that specific part on repeat. 1:49 was also a great part. When I compare it to a movie, this would be the part that an intense conversation takes place leading on to a chase. Imagine a baker discussing to kids stealing bread from the bakery. Then at 2:58, the baker sees the kids running and he begins to chase after them. As you can tell, I am in love with pieces that take my imagination to a whole new level. I still cannot believe that Chaminade wrote this specific piece at the age of 24 in 1881. After hearing this piece, I understand...

Bibliography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C3%A9cile_Chaminade
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