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Cebu Pacific Air is owned by one of the Philippines’ business mogul, JG Summit Holdings Inc. JG Summit Holdings Inc. is owned by the Gokongwei Family which is also the owner of several multi-billion companies such as Universal Robina Corporation which is into food industry, Robina Land Corporation which is into Real Estate Industry and is responsible in building the Robinson’s Malls, United Industrial Corporation, a Singapore-based real estate company responsible for Marina Bay and several establishments in Orchard Road, Singapore, which JG Summit is one of the largest individual shareholder, Robinsons Bank, a financial institution and lastly, JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation, a polyolefin (plastic-making) industry. Cebu Pacific started as an airline company that is often criticized by others because of its poor performance and disappointing services. The company was involved in a lot of controversies starting the plane crash in 1998 in Mt. Sumagaya, Northern Mindanao, Philippines. The crash killed all the people on-board including 99 passengers, 2 pilots and 3 flight attendants. Now, Cebu Pacific is our countries number 1 low-cost carrier. This phenomenon makes half of the country craving for more flights and promo fares. One of the most famous promos of in the history of our airline industry is the Piso Fare. It was the most loved promo because in just P1.00 you can now travel to any parts of the country and even abroad. The company brainstormed and created a perfect yet simple attack against their detractors that made them where they are now. The Marketing Department suggested giving the lowest airfare that no other airline company could give and every Filipino could afford. Cebu Pacific does not only bring their customers to their desired destinations, but they also brought themselves to them by being the first local airline that opened the doors to online ticketing services in their company website.


The Cebu Pacific Air Strategic Marketing Paper gave us a chance to research on the company’s background and their operation strategy. We were also able to determine why this airline is such a hit among Filipino flyers. This study also contains the Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, and geographical aspects of the country that may or may not affect the airline industry. We were also able to find facts about their current status and their competitors. These facts were also accompanied with graphs and tables that serve as visual representation of the data. This paper also gave us the opportunity to propose our own Marketing Strategy for the company which may help them improve their business and be more competitively advance. Lastly, we were able to determine the company’s strengths and weaknesses which helped us determine their possible opportunities and threats in the future.

Despite of our devotion for this Strategic Marketing Paper, there are still some limitation that were not difficult to avoid. One of which is the fact that we were not able to interview the Vice-President of Marketing and Distributions as planned, instead her subordinates were the ones who answered the questionnaire that we sent her. Unfortunately, the answers that we got were limited and were not enough to gather data from. Another limitation is that the information needed for our Strategic Marketing Paper were not thoroughly discussed one-by-one which made some of us confused and unsure with the data that we were searching on and putting into our output. And lastly, we were asked to revise our paper however we understand that the revision is for the improvement of our paper.



A. Political Factors

The Philippines has gone through a historic presidential election on 2010 where Benigno “PNOY” Aquino has been elected as the fifteenth president of the country. PNOY gained the trust and sympathy of the Filipinos...

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* Rogelia Pe Pua and Elizabeth Protacio – Marciano, “ Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino Psychology): A legacy of Virgilio G
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