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Mabuhay! It means "Welcome!" in Philippines. And here, you truly are. On Tourism Philippines Guide, you'll find friendly unbiased updated travel information for touring Philippines, what to see and what to avoid. More [+] Cebu

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Cebu is a very beautiful city with countless beaches and nature parks. It offers everything you need- from a relaxing retreat in a tropical island, to all the conveniences that a first class metropolis can give. In contrast to the bustling metropolis, the rest of Cebu ‘s 167 islets and islands are lined with idyllic white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters.

The Queen City of the South is the capital of the Visayas (also the political, economic, educational and cultural center of the Visayas) and is the second biggest city in the country. Located in between two straits, and several surrounding islands, Cebu is about 225 kilometers long, a narrow island that is home to 2.4 million people.

Cebu is the jump-off point to satellite destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao Islands – Leyte, Samar, Dumaguete, Siquijor, Cagayan De Oro, Camiguin & Surigao Del Norte.

Spectacular Metro Cebu: This is an aerial view of Metro Cebu, showing Cebu City (top left), Mandaue City(right), Mactan Channel(the body of water), and LapuLapu City(part of Mactan Island, bottom left). The bridge farther in the image is the first Mactan-Mandaue bridge, the second one is the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. This is one of the finest aerial shots I have for Metro Cebu. The timing was perfect for the plane to take this approach, the weather was right, the sun was like a flood light that is constantly illuminating the subject from this angle. This angle and this view was observable for just a few seconds. Luckily, I was able to take the shot within that time frame. Photo by storm-crypt

The Heart of Cebu City: The western half of Osmena Boulevard, from the Fuente Osmena circle to Cebu’s provincial capitol. Photo by storm-crypt

Why Not Go

Everybody loves to go to Cebu so there is really no reason why anyone would not want to go there, if given the chance. Although if you want to go to a very quiet, provincial place, you can always go to its neighboring towns such as Bantayan, Badian and Argao.

Why Go

Can’t Outdo Cebu: With an island like this, it is difficult to miss summertime in Cebu. A resort on the east side, and in the foreground(west side), is a fish sanctuary, teeming with corals, and a huge variety of species of fish, that you can view closely to the point that you can touch them. And you can do all that with just snorkeling. Shot taken off the southeastern coast of Mactan Island, just a few minutes of side trip on the way to the airport. This island is called Hilutungan Island — a few kilometers off the southeast coast of Mactan Island. Photo by storm-crypt

Simply because Cebu has it all. If you are looking for a place to spend your honeymoon, there are several 5 star resorts nearby. If you are planning a family vacation, you can enjoy parasailing and scuba diving in the island hotels, and you can also go mountain climbing or camping in one of its nature parks. When it is thrill and excitement you long for, it has a one-of-a-kind amusement park that you cannot find anywhere else- the Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency. Now, if it is shopping and dining you want, Cebu has it too; a lot of them in fact. Anything which your adventurous and wandering heart desires, you can find it in Cebu.

Central Cebu Mountains: Going strait to north from the municipality of Sibonga will get you to this point.Taken somewhere in central Cebu’s mountain range, shortly before heading east to the city of Cebu. Photo by storm-crypt

Best Time to Visit

Summer in Cebu is...
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