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Topics: RFID, RS-232, Printed circuit board Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Career Episode 2

CE 2.1 RFID vechile tolling/tracking system was my final year project while I was doing my under-graduate degree. The duration was 6 months after which a demo of the working model was shown for assessment. This project was done by myself and my friend/group-member Anand Menon. The final assessment's outcome can be see in the transcript(last unit) - unit name – Project Work. Background: CE 2.2 One of the main reasons I took up this project was to gain experience in the field of RFID controlled devices. I had done small projects before this on RFID to control different motors so I could gear up for my final semester project. The basic idea was to implement RFID in tolling system and extend this system to track vesicles. RFID was chosen as it covers the optimal range with minimal power consumption and the vehicle does not have to stop at the gate. The same equipment is also used to track a car. The inherent idea is to retrieve the vehicle’s registration number. CE 2.3 Though implemented system’s range was one to two metres the power can easily be increases with the active tags operating at higher power and the reader’s range subsequently increases. I was able to find the field strength from calculating receiver amplitude, antenna factor, attenuation factor and amplifier gain. CE 2.4 Technically the areas I had to sharpen my knowledge was micro-controller programming, interfacing electronics circuits with computer. I had to master circuit-theory to trouble-shoot and device the connection between interfaces, I had to study the basics of Computer networking later in the development phase.


Personal Workplace Activity:
Research and Analysis: CE 2.5 The basic-circuit diagram for control was provided from Global Technology Chennai, India. This however had to be modified to suit our needs. We approached Video Technics, Chennai, India, for assistance with testing and manufacturing equipments. Since they were interested in...
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