Cdr Professional Engineer

Topics: Engineering, Professional Engineer, Mathematics Pages: 3 (261 words) Published: January 27, 2012
Summary Statement

These are the competency Units and Elements. These elements must be addressed in the Summary Statement (see Section C). If you are applying for assessment as a Professional Engineer, you will need to download this page, complete it and lodge it with your application.

|Competency Element |A brief summary of how you have applied the element |Paragraph in the career episode(s) | | | |where the element is addressed | |PE1 KNOWLEDGE BASE | | | |PE1.1 Knowledge of science and engineering | | | |fundamentals | | | |PE1.2 In-depth technical competence in at least | | | |one engineering discipline | | | |PE1.3 Techniques and resources | | | |PE1.4 General Knowledge | | | |PE2 ENGINEERING ABILITY | | | |PE2.1 Ability to undertake problem identification,| | | |formulation, and solution | |...
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