Cdm Case Study

Topics: Knowledge management, Knowledge, Tacit knowledge Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: March 27, 2011
CDM, Inc. Knowledge Management Case Study Questions:

1.What approaches does CDM employ to manage the tacit and the explicit knowledge within the organization and why does this effort require such different approaches to knowledge management? [table]

Approaches CDM EmploysDiffered Requirements to Knowledge Management Technical Disciplines Roughly two-dozen exist within the company A growing company means an influx of new knowledge created Each particular discipline segment has their own specific internet portal All of the pertinent information needs to be organized into the segments in order to easily locate information Technical ExpertsAre members of individual technical disciplines Vet the content of the technical disciplines

The portals act as a mode to share knowledge and information through forums, account emails, and directory of technical experts “Dispatcher” EmailA very inefficient way of acquiring the knowledge needed to obtain This mode became outdated as the company grew to such a size that people did not know each other personally

2.How does CDM’s approach to knowledge management improve worker productivity? [list]

The Improvement On Worker Productivity
oProjects are able to be worked on and completed through multiple disciplines without sacrificing project efficiency or accuracy oHelps indentify the best ways for workers to execute their projects at hand oWorkers are informed to work on engineering projects with clear knowledge from technical experts oTeams can be used to help complete projects

oThe monitoring of projects with the economic modeling system enables that work is done to the highest quality and allows the company to measure and review particular projects oMentoring workers reduces the learning curve allowing the workers to be accessible to work at a faster rate 3.How does CDM’s approach to knowledge management help to limit risk and improve outcomes in the execution of individual projects?...
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