Cdl Review
Topics: Transport, Shipping, Safety, UCI race classifications, Tour de Georgia, Hazardous waste / Pages: 3 (630 words) / Published: Nov 28th, 2011

You are hauling 100 pounds of Division 4.3 dangerous when wet material. Do you need to stop before railroad crossings? yes What are cargo tanks?
Bulk packagings permanently attached to a vehicle.

Name five hazard classes that require placarding in any amount.
Poison Gas 2.3, Dangerous when wet 4.3,explosives1.3, explosives1.2, explosives1.1.

Where must you keep shipping papers describing hazardous materials?
In a pouch on the drivers door, or in clear view with in immediate reach while the seat belt is fastened while driving, On the drivers seat when out of the vehicle

Drivers placard their vehicle to Blank the risk. communicate Your load includes 20 pounds of Division 2.3 gas and 1,001 pounds of flammable gas. What placards do you need, if any?
None, you cannot load these materials together

Should the floor liner required for Division 1.1 or 1.2 Explosives A be stainless steel?

Name a hazard class that uses transport indexes to determine the amount that can be loaded in a single vehicle?
Class 7 Radioactive materials

What is the Emergency Response Guide, ERG?
A guidebook for firefighters, police, and industry workers on how to protect themselves and the public from hazardous materials.
A guidebook for truck drivers, dock workers, and shippers on how to protect themselves and the public from hazardous materials.

Shippers package in order to Blank the material contain Around which hazard classes must you never smoke?

A hazardous materials identification number must appear on the Blank and on the Blank. shipping papers and package

When may non-hazardous materials be described by hazard class words or identification numbers?

If your placarded trailer has dual tires, how often should you check the tires?
Check Tires Every 2 Hours or 100 Miles

How close to the travelled part of the roadway can you park with Division 1.2 or 1.3

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