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Name: Patricia Mawardy
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Lecturer: Dennis Toh
Class: Class 1 (Monday 1pm-4pm)
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Zalora is an online shopping website based in Singapore that founded in 2012. Up to today, Zalora have over 400 brands of clothing, foot wear, accessories, sports wear, and beauty products both for women and men (Zalora, 2015). Zalora one of growing online shopping website in Asia, therefore they have their own localised website for certain country such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Vietnam. In 2013, Zalora able to launched their own brand, which is called as “Ezra by ZALORA” (Zalora, 2015). Recently they have opened the physical store in Singapore, in order to fulfil their customers’ demand so they are able to see the physical products before they purchase it. The main target markets of Zalora are both women and men who interest in fashion products and they who like to do online shopping (Zalora, 2015). On the other Zalora also set their price same as retail market, which make their target market able to get the products they want in a reasonable and affordable price with good quality of products.

Purchase Process
Need recognition
The first and most important steps in purchase process is need recognition, because when there is no need the demand for purchase the products or services will be not exist as well. There are different types of need recognition, such as internal stimuli, external stimuli, functional need, social need, and need for change (Perreau, 2014). In term in e-marketing Zalora have their own website that make their customers easier to recognise their needs of a products. Information search

Information search is the stage when the customers try to search the information about the product that they want to purchase. It can be done either from internal or external search. Internal search occurred when the customers try to search the information through their own memory that is already present (Perreau, 2014). Usually it comes from previous experiences when they purchased the products or services. Internal search often used for buying everyday products, for instance household products. Moreover, external search generally used when customers try to find the products or services information through the third parties reviews, for example family member or friends. For Zalora customers they are able to search the information directly through their official website, Facebook page, twitter page, Instagram, and last but not least Google. Meanwhile they also can search the information by directly go to the physical Zalora store other than online research. Evaluation of alternatives

When customers have retrieved all the information, they will evaluate which alternative is most suitable and best for them. There are two aspects that they need to evaluate, which are the objective characteristics and subjective characteristics (Perreau, 2014). When there is higher level of involvement on the customers, the high number of solutions that the customers need to consider will be important. While doing an evaluation Zalora’s customers able to search reviews from certain blogger website and Facebook page. For offline usually it will be through word of mouth between either their friends or family. Purchase decision

As a result of evaluated the alternatives, customers able to choose and directly purchase the product or services that is most suitable for them in this stage. Once the purchase decision has been made, customers able to purchase the product directly through online or offline. Customers who prefer to purchase it online, able to directly visit the official website of Zalora, meanwhile for customers who prefer to see the product before purchase it, the can come directly to the physical store. Post purchase evaluation

Once the chosen product has been purchased and used,...

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