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Topics: Culture, Religion, Marriage Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: April 30, 2013

Anthropology Final Project

Welcome to the Anthropology Final project. All Anthropology students will be displaying presentations on a culture from the past or present of your choosing on December 4th- 11th. In this presentation you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge about a specific culture. Presentations may include but are not limited to clothing to support your presentation, visual displays, cultural artifacts, and food where applicable, charts, graphs and whatever else you find helpful. You will be required to turn in a formal bibliography and a written statement that talks about what you learned from your project and what you learned from the process of putting together the presentation. While this is your 1st semester final and counts 15%, it is also an activity that can be a lot of fun. Be as creative as you can! You may work in pairs if you both have a simple average of 75%. Each individual or pair must have a unique culture which will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.


Each student must have at least 5 references from books, magazines, reference material and the internet. It must be typed in New Roman Times 12 font & double-spaced. Your project must discuss the chosen culture using the concepts we have learned in class, including our definition of culture. Since this is a large part of your semester grade, I will require some items from everyone. If an alternative requirement is needed due to the nature of your project, you must receive my permission in advance. All products are due on Dec. 4th. The due date corresponds to day 1 and day 2. 1. The PowerPoint should dynamically convey the main ideas from your topic. Captions must accompany any image. 3 points Group It must be on my computer’s hard drive when the bell rings or it is late. 2. A typed5 bibliography with a total of 5 sources. 5 points Individual 3. A typed outline of the information you plan on presenting. It should have a...
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