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CCS Assignment 2
Part 2
After the enlightenment, the Bauhaus movement shifts away from Beaux Art and traditional style of architecture. Beaux art was influenced by Greco-Roman art and architecture that we still see in America today. Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy vastly influenced the 17th and 19th century with a prominent trend of aesthetic appeal, especially in architecture. The phase of the Enlightenment takes place in the 18th century with a focus on the intellectual mind and creativity; ornamentation was also very popular in architecture. Romanticism, an extension of the enlightenment similarly emphasizes the philosophy of self expression within art and most prominently in poetry. This progression towards modernity and improvement in the enlightenment then transits to the Bauhaus movement. Philip Johnson was the first to challenge international and traditional styles when he took the initiative to choose form, function and structure over ornamentation. This leads us to modernized architecture that we see in Houston almost every day. Part 1:free writing

Modern architecture still has traces of Greco Roman art, for instance the astrodome; this stadium has a similar structure to a coliseum we would see in roman architecture for games. However, it has a covetable dome! The dome structure is not only modernized in appearance but extremely functional as well; thus meeting both of what Philip Johnson based his work off of. The functional astroterf is also an incredible example within the stadium as well. My second example of the Bauhaus brings me to the University of St. Thomas in Houston. The chapel of st Basil was actually designed by Philip Johnson himself. The way he designed it not only includes his model of form and function but abstract art as well. The church is made up of three shapes a cube, sphere, and a giant gold rectangle that connects the two together. I can’t even begin to imagine how he thought these would go together and...
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