CCOT of Political Latin America

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Sarah Kirk
CCOT~ Political Latin America

Many historical events were happening in the 16th century to middle 19th. For example, Portugal began settling in Sao Tome, the Peasants’ War in Germany started, and Michelangelo started his one of his most well known sculptures, “David”. However, in an entirely different part of the world, things were happening in equal importance to human history. Exploration of the “New World” was taking place, and many changes came from European explorers in the Americas. For example, in the early 1500s to 1888, Latin America underwent many political changes, such as European colonial rule and various revolutions. Despite the changes, power stayed in the hands of the privileged because European aristocrats colonized and dominated the population. In 1500, Latin America saw a huge political change when Europeans came and conquered the native people and colonized their lands. There were several indigenous empires that thrived before 1519 when the Aztecs got conquered by the conquistador Hernan Cortes and his troops. Before European maritime explorers came, indigenous people had the political system with an emperor that relied on tribute from the people. He had religious and political power that was marked by their own victorious conquests. However, once the European people conquered those native empires, they started colonizing the lands for their “mother country”. Many European world powers did this, such as Portugal and Spain. Rather than a monarchy, royal bureaucracies ruled the lands and therefore political systems. Since the communication between the royal bureaucrats and their monarchy they report to took so long to travel across the ocean, they could

disregard their orders and do their own thing without punishment. Conjointly, due to the superiority of European weapons, strategies, and natural immunity from diseases they brought over, Europeans were able to dominate the Americas.

Around the early 1800s, Latin...
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