Ccna Module 4 Exam Answers

Topics: IEEE 802.11, MAC address, Ethernet Pages: 9 (2124 words) Published: October 4, 2010
CCNA 3 - Module 4 Exam Answers

1 Which statements are true concerning the shared memory buffering used by an Ethernet switch? (Choose two.) * Frames are processed through a single queue.
* All frames are placed in a common memory buffer.
• Frames are placed in a queue for the destination port.
• A port with a full memory buffer can cause frames for available ports to be delayed. • Each switch port is statically assigned a buffer of equal size.

2 What are the functions of routers? (Choose three.)
• improving network performance by increasing latency by twenty to thirty percent * segmenting broadcast domains
* forwarding packets based on destination network layer addresses * segmenting collision domains
• forwarding packets as soon as the destination MAC address is read • developing routing table entries based on source IP addresses 3 What are the functions of a Layer 2 Ethernet switch? (Choose three.) • preventing broadcasts

* increasing available bandwidth per user
* decreasing the size of collision domains
* isolating traffic among segments
• routing traffic between different networks
• decreasing the number of broadcast domains
4 Why does a switch have higher throughput compared to a bridge? • Switching occurs in software.
* Switching occurs in hardware.
• Switches create multiple broadcast domains.
• Switches segment LANs.
5 Why would a network administrator segment a network with a Layer 2 switch? (Choose two.) • to create fewer collision domains
* to enhance user bandwidth
• to create more broadcast domains
• to eliminate virtual circuits
* to isolate traffic between segments
• to isolate ARP request messages from the rest of the network 6
Refer to the graphic. Which point must be reached before a frame is forwarded when the switch is using store-and-forward mode? • A
• B
• C
• D
• E
* F

7 Hubs are concerned with which PDU?
* bits
• frames
• packets
• datagrams

8 Which statements are true regarding hubs? (Choose three.)
* Hubs operate at Layer 1 of the OSI model.
• They create separate collision domains.
* Signals are distributed through all ports.
• Layer 2 addresses are used to make decisions.
• They calculate the CRC for each frame received prior to forwarding. * Bandwidth is shared among all connected users.

9 Which device provides segmentation within a single network? • hub
• server
* switch
• transceiver
10 Which of the following is a Layer 2 broadcast address?
• 11:11:11:11

Refer to the graphic. Which point in the frame must be reached before it is forwarded by a switch that is using fast-forward mode? • A
• B
* C
• D
• E
• F

12 Which switching mode changes to store-and-forward mode after it detects a given number of errors? • cut-through
• adaptive fast-forward
• fragment-free
* adaptive cut-through
13 Which form of buffering is used by bridges?
• cut-through
• fragment-free
• fast-forward
* store-and-forward

14 Where are switching tables stored in a Cisco LAN switch?
• Flash

15 Which of the following are true regarding the addition of switches to a network? (Choose two.) • They increase the number of collision domains.
* They decrease the number of collision domains.
• They increase the number of broadcast domains.
• They decrease the number of broadcast domains.
* They increase the amount of bandwidth available to users.
• They decrease the amount of bandwidth available to users. 16 Which of the following is used to build a switching table? • source IP addresses
• destination IP addresses
• destination MAC addresses
* source MAC addresses

17 Which statements describe asymmetric switching? (Choose three.) • It uses data compression algorithms to manage higher bandwidth interfaces. * It is often used to provide high bandwidth uplinks for a number of lower bandwidth client interfaces. * It provides...
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