Cca Written Report South Africa (Demensions of Geert Hofstede)

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Why did we take South Africa?
Because South Africa is different than all of the other African countries. We made our choice to present the five dimensions of this country. South Africa has a big history and well known in other countries. For example, the separation between Black and White Which the nationalist introduced in 1948 and called the Apartheid. After Nelson Mandela stood up for the equal rights between Black and White in South Africa. There came an end of this ridiculous law. Besides South Africa is also well known by his HIV and rape percentage of their inhabitants. Which is for HIV some over 10% and 1 per 9 women reported that they’ve been raped. How this is possible, maybe the dimensions of Geert Hofstede can help us with it.

Information about South Africa:
Population 2010 estimate:49 991 300
Area:1 221 037 km2
Currency:Rand / 1 ZAR Rand = 0,11 euro
Independence:From united kingdom in December 1931
Language:11 official languages

Ethnic groups 79.4% Black
9.2% White
8.8% Coloured
2.6% Asian
Religion| Adherents| %| Adherents| %|
| 2001[2]| 2007[3]|
Christianity| 35750641| 79.77| 29684861| 73.52|
Non-religious| 6767165| 15.1| 3262428| 8.08|
Islam| 654064| 1.46| 985460| 1.45|
African traditional religion| 125898| 0.28| 6056487| 15|

Power distance
What is power distance?
Power distance is the perceived distance between less powerful individuals, families, and organizations and those with the real power. It really shows the inequality from the perspective of those with less power. Low power distance countries are equality and the high power distance countries are equality. It is also a measure of the acceptance and expectation of unequal distribution of power.

Power distance in South Africa
South Africa has a scored 45 on power distance index. That is actually means that South Africa has low power distance comparable with other countries such as Italy and Japan. Nevertheless if take look at its history we can conclude that it had high power distance because of the inequality at that time. What means that South Africa passed through two stages of power distance high and low.

High power distance in South Africa:
The high power distance in South Africa was a result of the apartheid. Apartheid is what people call nowadays discrimination. it was south Africa political system, where only whites had power. The apartheid in South Africa enforced by the national party, which govern South Africa from 1948 to 1994. The aim of the apartheid was to maintain the white community trough extending racial separation. It has started since they created several rules which enforced or instituted the racial discrimination. This rules touched every aspect of social life. Including a prohibition of marriage between non-whites and whites, whites were able to get good jobs and high positions such as ministers, president and managers counter to non-white, who were allow or able to get bad jobs such as servant, scavenger and drivers. What led to form two groups each one has its own symbols, heroes, rituals, and values. For instance, whites had their own national anthem, flag. The rugby players were the white’s people heroes and the football player was the black’s heroes. The population registration was also another face for the discrimination. It required that all South Africans be racially classified into one of three categories: white, black, colors. Classification into these categories was based on appearance, social acceptance, and descent. Because that the whites controlled the country army, economy, and policy. The only way to dismantle the apartheid was through negotiations, which started from 1990 to 1993 and reached it top in elections in 1994. Which were the first free...
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