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HRM Assignment: The Carter Cleaning Company
Submitted by: Group 13
1. What to convey in the orientation

The purpose of an orientation is to align the employees to the mission and values of the company. These programs are usually scheduled for the new recruits of the company but in the given scenario, an orientation program is required for all the individuals in the organization. The orientation program should be designed in a way that helps employees internalize the practices and procedures preferred by the Carters. Keeping the same as their primary objective, following will have to be conveyed during the orientation program.

The program must highlight the mission and values of the company. The employees must be made aware that their company strives to maximize customer satisfaction by offering superior service.

The program should cover the policies followed by the company. This will include the rules and regulations with regards compensation, leave procedure, health benefits etc. As attrition is a major concern, the exit policy should be clearly defined and communicated.

Also the program should cover the way an employee should behave while on duty. This would cover personal conduct rules with regard to smoking, using the telephone for personal calls etc. Also as most of the employees would be directly interacting with the customers, the program should also outline the expected dress code and appearance.

Roles of the employees should also be clearly stated and explained. This will ensure that each employee is aware of what is expected of him.

Performance evaluation parameters employed by the company should be specified.

How to convey the information

From the case, The Cater cleaning company seems to be a small sized company. The nature of the business, laundry service, indicates that not a large number of employees work at a central

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