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By aman20398 Feb 27, 2014 309 Words
CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
(Session: 2013-2014)
Summative Assessment – II
ASL: Speaking Problem Tasks

Problem Task 1:-
Some students in your school do not wear the proper school uniform .Discuss what can be done to encourage them to wear the proper school uniform.

Problem Task 2:-
A student in your school recently met with an accident while riding a motorbike. Many students of your school who are actually minor ride two-wheelers without wearing helmet. Discuss with your partner the problem and what you can do to encourage them the safety on road.

Problem Task 3:-
One of your classmate has developed the habit of eating too much junk food this is causing problems as she is becoming overweight and unhealthy .Discuss how to help her break the habit.

CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
(Session:- 2013-2014 )
Summative Assessment – II
ASL : Speaking Problem Tasks

Problem Tasking 1:-
Some classmates are persuading you to watch a movie after school hours .Your parents have told to go straight home after school hours but you are worried the other students will laugh on you.With your partner discuss what you can do in the situation.

Problem Task 2:-
Your school is organising a picnic for the students of class-XI .However the students have not been given any role or choice in the matter .With your partner discuss how can you talk to your teacher and convince them to give the students more power in planning things.

Problem Task 3:-
On the occasion of school farewell party for class-XII students of your school has insisted you to wear school uniform .Some students feel that it should be their choice whether they want to wear this or not. With your partner discuss how the students could persuade the school to allow them to exercise more choice in this matter.

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