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Registration of Collective Bargaining Agreement

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Registration

It is the State policy to promote and emphasize the primacy of collective bargaining in setting working conditions or the creation of a mechanism by which employers and recognized and certified labor unions bargain collectively.

The registration of Collective Bargaining Agreement refers to the process of determining whether the application for registration complies with the requirements provided under DOLE Department Order No. 40-03, as amended.

Clients/Applicants Parties to the CBA Requirements
1.Duly accomplished and notarized Application Form
2.Original and 2 duplicate signed copies of the CBA which must be certified under oath by the representative/s of the employer/s and labor/union/s concerned.
3.Statement that the CBA was posted in at least two (2) conspicuous places in the establishment/s concerned for at least five (5) days before its ratification
4.Statement that the CBA was ratified by the majority of the employees in the bargaining unit of the employer/s concerned

Validity Period of the Registration

Five (5) years

Registration Fee


Where to apply

Field Office

Total Process Cycle Time

One (1) Working day upon receipt of complete documents and payment of registration fee


Basic Steps

Steps| Activity| ActionOfficer| Duration ofTransaction| | Applicant/Client| DOLE| | |


1.Getapplicationform (DOLE CBA Application Form) and the list of requirementsfrom the Action Officer and fill-up the form.

Provide DOLE Rural WorkersApplication Formandlistof requirements.

(Name/ Position of Action Officer and alternate)

2.Submit to Action Officer the filled up application formwiththe documentary requirements.

Checkthe completeness of the form and documentary...
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