Cba Gun Control 8th Grade
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How to End the Burden of Gun Violence in the USA

It was April 20th, 1999 when, interestingly enough, on the birthday of Adolf Hitler, two students of Columbine High School, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, decided to get back at all of society for the few who had teased and bullied them. By using guns, a fire bomb, propane tanks converted to bombs, 99 explosive devices, and bombs rigged in cars, they hoped that their actions would rival the Oklahoma City bombing. Luckily, not all the bombs detonated. Yet, using mainly their guns, the aftermath of the deadly suicide massacre left 15 dead and 24 injured.
This incident, which happened in 1999, is the deadliest mass murder committed on an American high school campus. It is just one example of the many horrors that guns inflict upon U.S. society. The only solution to ending this is to regulate and restrict gun use in America. For this, I propose a new amendment to the Constitution. The exact wording of this amendment is as follows: Conditions must be met in order to buy and own firearms. A gun should be treated like a vehicle. A person should need a federal license. The background check as stated in the Brady Act shall be very thorough when people need to buy a gun. A ban shall be placed on the manufacture for civilian use of all full or semi-automatic guns, also known as assault weapons. Military and Law enforcement officers may hold firearms only when on duty. Law enforcement officers must keep a record of firearm owners. Guns should be used exclusively by the owner. A heavy fine and possible imprisonment will be imposed on any disobeyers. Also, all gun sellers must have a federal license.
To correct any misconceptions, I will define some terms mentioned in the proposed amendment. A background check is an investigation of a gun purchaser’s background to determine if they can or can’t buy a gun. The Brady Act is a federal law that requires federally licensed dealers to perform background checks on gun purchasers.

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