Cavalletti’s History’s Golden Thread

Topics: Jesus, God, Christianity Pages: 12 (5135 words) Published: April 18, 2011
The Old and New Testaments contain the word of God. This word came to us through the people that God chose in Israel. In order to understand God’s word to us it is necessary to reflect upon the lives of God’s chosen ones, the Israelites. God has revealed himself gradually throughout the entire history of the created world. These chosen people learned to listen and established a permanent relationship with God. God still encounters and communicates with living people. He meets them in all of history and enters into relationship with them, too. The history of salvation in Cavalletti’s History’s Golden Thread presents eight key moments of salvation history in this divine plan of God for all humans that are connected. When we use the bible, we need to remember it has many books but only one author. The word of God is a book of faith for Christians and Jews. There are many passages in the bible that are important to both groups of people or as the author stated, the two branches of the People of God. He stated that these two phases of sacred history are different. It is important to understand that salvation history for Christians began with the history of the Jews. The Old Testament tells the story of God’s divine plan for humans. The author stated the plan was always present in the mind of God. The sacred events are united throughout history so that all men can come to know God. This is called “sacred history” or “the history of salvation” (p. 4). This history belongs to all people of every generation and has been revealed over time. It is progressive and has been marked by specific stages. These stages moved towards a particular point in history that centered on Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the One through whom salvation and eternal life comes. Throughout the history of salvation, this author stated that God was constantly involved in human lives. “This wondrous unity of the human and the divine must not be broken apart.” (Cavalletti) This would change the truth of history, which is the combination of the world and God. This connection is seen throughout the entire bible in the eight key moments of salvation history for both Jews and Christians. “The temporal and the eternal” (Cavalletti) events of God’s people and their relationship with Him show that God is being “incarnated” so that we can know him in truth, worship Him in liturgy, and live with Him forever in heaven. The author stated that the events of sacred history are points of encounter between God and humans. They encountered a God who called them, protected them, helped them, and freed them. This is what she calls direct knowledge. The Israelites encountered the person of God. This is called a communion and it let them experience his love, justice, and mercy. They saw a God who was active in their lives and communicated with Him. We can study these encounters and meet God in them, too. We need to understand that this divine plan, step by step, leads to one particular moment in salvation history. The incarnation of Christ connects the Old and the New Testaments. Both of these stages of salvation history lead to heaven, “when God will be all in all.” (1 Corinthians 15:28) Typology is a term that comes from a Greek word meaning to beat, or leave an imprint, according to Cavalletti. This method of reading the bible helps us look for the meaning in the events of salvation history in both the Old and New Testaments. “ We can say that the method is the church’s method of reading the bible.” (Cavalletti) This can be used with people of the bible, events, institutions, and in liturgy. There are three stages of typology according to the author. The Church has instructed us to read the bible with a global perspective, “searching for the golden thread that binds together the history that God is creating with humankind.” (Cavalletti) The Jews read the bible in two stages of typology but Christians connect Israel’s history with heaven. We remember Christ’s death and...
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