Causes of WWI

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Causes of WWI

Nationalism as a cause of WWI

Nationalism – extreme patriotism and excessive belief in its own culture economic and military supremacy

Led to over-confidence and misconceptions; most seriously that in the event of war in Europe, one’s own country would be victorious inside a few months.

Newspapers, literature, music, parades, propaganda, and theatre all fueled Nationalism
Our nation is special, unique and superior
Can not be defeated
Our government and military will win any conflict

Royal, politicians, and diplomats fueled this belief and pushed this belief Such hype and arrogance led many to believe war was good, inevitable, and would only prove their arrogant belief Europe had not seen War or experienced significant military loss for decades which only added to their misbeliefs

Many people like the British thought the war would be over in a matter of months

Thought it was spiritual with God on your side… and war enthusiasm

Felt entitled to more land


MiliTARISM AND THE EUROPEAN ARMS race were both contributing factors to WWI When a country decides to grow and focus on their military
Spent a lot of money on weapons/defense
Drafting folks into military
The dreadnaught (battleship)
Using power of weapons to destroy others

When 2+ countries will back each other up in economics or military 1) Countries made alliances even if they weren’t “mad” at the other country 2) Sucked in other HUGE countries to help them in war

3) Led to world wide war
Otherwise would’ve been local war
Triple Alliance
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Triple Entente
Russia, France, Britain

Building factors, big business’s
In order to be a successful factory, you needed materials
Everybody wanted something, natural competition out of industrialization Hungry for resources, coal, tin, steel
Mechanisms of war to build
Competition over territory

When Austria annexes Bosnia
The blackhand didn’t like it (Yugoslavian nationalists)
Want their own kind of Serbian Yugoslavian empire
Their way of saying how they disapprove is by assassinating Archduke Ferdinand June 24, 1918
Gavrilo Principip
Austria declares war on Serbia, as a result of the assassination because of the assassination Russia sides with Serbia

Weapons of War
Machine Guns
Used as defensive weapon
Took 4 men to operate 1 gun
Usually positioned on flat tripod
Fired 400-600 rounds p minute
Short burst shot
Rapidly overeat without cooling mechanism (water)
Had to carry large amounts of water to big battles
IF they ran out of water, they would use urine
Protected soldiers inside and behind
Helped get people across “no-man’s land”
Akward and uncomfortable but useful, but hot
Poison Gas
Chlorine Gas, Mustard gas
Burned skin
Destroyed lungs
Used them to put in trenches
Gas might blow toward your men

Weren’t very hospitable
Dug by soldiers who were going to fight
No Man’s Land
Land between trench’s
Filled u=of bombs, mud, holes, barbed wire
Giants rats, lice, cooties are body lice
Rats and pests
Muddy and cold, trench foot (cool temp and wet foot)
= Deteriorating foot
Salted meat and crackers
Played cars, letters, go out and shoot rats
Soccer Game
During Christmas Truce
Trench foot
Trench fever
Sickness and disease

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Caused by being in battle or war for an extended amount of time Also known as shell shock
Suffer from nightmares and horrors
Families were changed
Soldiers came back and weren’t the same
Still have PTSD through relatives dying

Three Key Battles of WWI

The Battle of Verdun
Feb 21-Dec 16 1916
Ten month battle btw France and Germany
Neither side gained much of an advantage
Roughly half a million lost on each side...
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