Causes of WWI

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Analyze the causes of WW1
Many historians and politicians have been trying to analyze the causes for the World War I. By the War was over, different opinions had already been developed. The english Prime Minister David Lloyd Georg (1863-1945) said: “None of the leading Man had wanted War, all of them just slid into it.” Whereas the French Prime Minister George Clemenceau blamed Germany for having the main War Guilt. Since 1961 historians are controversially questioning the War Guilt. In his book “Griff nach der Weltmacht” (Grabbing the World Power), the German historian Fritz Fischer claims the Germans to have the main responsibility too. Other historians, like the australian Christopher Clarks disagree with this statement. In his book “Die Schlafwandler”, which means the sleepwalkers, he relies on L. Georges point of view.

Is there a main war guilt, or are all countries to blame?
To answer those question I will be looking at the conditional causes of the war. To sum up I will form my own critical point of view on the war guilt.
There are six main causes for the World War I. The Scramble for Africa, which marks Morocco between 1906 and 19011. Then Alsace-Lorraine, which had been taken by the Germans after the French-German War. Another cause was the Russo-Turkish War in 1878 and the Balkan countries breaking free, followed by wars starting in 1913. The Naval Race, where the british built the Dreadnought, so the Germans started building a big Navy: “The german emperor Wilhelm II had a dream of being an imperial ruler. He ordered the construction of several large and powerful boats.”, leading to other countries starting to build massive gun battleships. Further, the Alliance System with the triple Alliance formed between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1882, France and Russia then signing an agreement in 1894, followed by an agreement called the Entente Cordial, signed in 1904 by France and Britain which Russia then joined, making it the Triple Entente....

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