Causes of World War One

Topics: World War I, World War II, Bosnia and Herzegovina Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Asses the importance of each of the following in causing the First World War: nationalism, alliances, economic factors. Introduction
World War One was a war fought due to both direct and indirect causes. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand opened the floodgates as tensions were released within European countries. The strong nationalism from countries both new and old prevailed at this time. Additionally, alliances that were created before the war caused a quarrel between two countries become an international war throughout Europe and eventually the world. Lastly, the quest for resources caused many countries to enter the war, with the hope of increased wealth.

Most countries involved wanted to assert their international dominance over the other countries while increasing the size, power, and resources of their empire. The nationalism within the countries, from the government leaders to the citizens, was a major factor in involvement in the war. The Slavic people’s nationalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina to no longer be a part of Austria-Hungary but rather a part of Serbia caused both violent and non-violent tensions. There was also tension between the nations of France and Germany, especially over the Alsace-Lorraine territory. It was an area that wasn’t resourceful or important for France, but when it was lost to Germany it damaged French Nationalism in a great way. A decrease in the border of France was something that hadn’t been done in a long while, so it caused many Anti-German Sentiments when it did happen. Nationalism was also one of the causes for one of the more immediate causes of the war, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. The Black Hand was a terrorist organization not affiliated with the Serbian Government, but with strong Serbian nationalism. In their attacks, nationalism grew as governments became involved.

There were many key alliances that can be attributed to escalating tension between two countries to an...

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