Causes of World War One

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Causes of World War One

World War One was a global war in Europe fought from 1914 to 1918. It was a war between Great Britain, France, Russia and the United States and Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy and Serbia. Not only was it certain people or places that caused the war but also some events and situations. This included the allying of nations, the act of imperialism, the growth of militarism, and the Balkan crisis.

One of the underlying causes of world war one was the allying of nations. An alliance is an agreement made between two countries to give each other help if needed. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy and the ottomans formed alliances. Russia, France, and England were worried that these nations were too powerful so they too formed a triple entente. Each place was blamed for the start of the war for different reasons. Austria was blamed for the war because they were the first to attack and Germany was blamed because of the blank check. Russia was blamed because they prepared the troops to help Serbia, France was blamed because they became an ally to Russia, and England was blamed because they had an obligation to protect Belgian neutrality. The ottomans then joined Germany for strategic reasons and Italy joined them too after nine months of neutrality. All military leaders are responsible for the war. The alliances that were formed split the continent into two sides. Because so many countries of Europe were involved in the alliances, when war took place almost all of Europe was involved. Germany and Britain’s tension grew when germany wanted to increase their navy. This worried Britain so as a result the naval race took place. Britain soon launched a new ship called the dreadnought. Germany responded by building an equivalent. This caused a lot of tension between the nations. The alliance system’s responsibility out circled the war. When world war one was ending Germany signed the treaty of Versailles. They accepted the fact that they caused...
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