Causes of Water Pollution and Cures to Stop It Now

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Causes of Water Pollution and Cures to Stop it Now

Nature plays a role when it comes to toxins like mercury and other heavy metals, but humans are among the major causes of water pollution. We have always treated the planet with a certain level of disregard, as if we simply thought that nothing we could do would be of any consequence. Now though, the way we have treated our environment is coming back to haunt us. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution we have unleashed 80,000 chemical agents into the environment, and now traces of these chemical agents reside in our drinking water reservoirs. You may think that such miniscule amounts of these toxins cannot do you any real harm, but the truth is that even chemical traces can be detrimental to your health over a long enough time line. The manmade causes of water pollution are a threat even in small doses simply because there is typically more than one chemical agent at a time in your water. It is a proven fact that when two or more chemicals agents come into contact with one another, the potency of each rises exponentially. This means that you are getting a far higher dose of each agent than you think you are. Some studies have concluded that you may be ingesting anywhere from five to nine chemical agents in every glass of water that you drink. You are definitely getting at least one chemical with every sip you take, and it is the carcinogen many feel is responsible for the incredible rise in the cancer rate. Chlorine is meant to protect us, but it is taking a tremendous toll on our health. The use of chlorine and other carcinogenic chloramines is necessary for reducing the danger posed by the biological causes of water pollution. Parasites, cysts, and bacteria in our water have long been the cause of widespread illness and death from waterborne diseases. Chlorine disinfection has kept millions of people alive who otherwise would have succumbed to these diseases at some point. Chlorine has also claimed the lives of millions as one of the major causes of cancer, with the cancer rate rising from 1:50 at the inception of chemical disinfection to 1:2.5 today. There are more than 2,000 other carcinogenic chemicals that are present in our drinking water as well, and we simply cannot continue ingesting these chemicals and expecting not to get sick. In order for your family to be shielded from the danger posed by all of the various causes of water pollution, you need to install a home drinking water purification system as soon as possible. A high quality countertop water filter will only run you about $125, but it will provide you with the protection of an activated granular carbon filter, a multi media block, an ion exchange, and a sub micron filter. This is everything you need to keep extremely harmful contaminants out of your home. With 99% of the causes of water pollution being eliminated from your drinking water by using the correct water filter, you can rest assured that you are doing your very best to preserve the health of your family. Water pollution: an introduction

Over two thirds of Earth's surface is covered by water; less than a third is taken up by land. As Earth's population continues to grow, people are putting ever-increasing pressure on the planet's water resources. In a sense, our oceans, rivers, and other inland waters are being "squeezed" by human activities—not so they take up less room, but so their quality is reduced. Poorer water quality means water pollution. We know that pollution is a human problem because it is a relatively recent development in the planet's history: before the 19th century Industrial Revolution, people lived more in harmony with their immediate environment. As industrialisation has spread around the globe, so the problem of pollution has spread with it. When Earth's population was much smaller, no one believed pollution would ever present a serious problem. It was once popularly believed that the oceans were far too big to...
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