Causes of the Wars of Religion.

Topics: Spain, Louis XIV of France, Louis XIII of France Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: May 17, 2013
The political causes of the wars of religion.

Throughout history in contemporary Spain before the civil war, violence against persons associated with the Catholic Church, the symbols of their religion or their interests, has been known for its recurrent and prolonged in time as one of the salient dimensioned Spanish anticlericalism, which emerged in the liberal political ideology, then it would be taken up by more radical republican currents and the movement of the workers. were five killings in the 1822-1823 biennium, the killing of priests in Madrid in 1834 and then for the other episodes Wars or the Tragic Week in Barcelona in 1909 are the most significant examples of violence before the establishment period of the Second Republic, 6 and show the existence of a significant anti-clerical sentiment in Spanish society. The impact of the persecution of the people of the Catholic Church which is part of the historical context of the Spanish Civil War includes thousands of people, religious and lay people who are part of all victims of the Civil War, and also includes destruction of religious art and documentary heritage. Among these people were numerous religious people belonging to the secular clergy, orders, congregations, and organizations dependent on Spanish Catholic Church who suffered acts of violence that culminated in thousands of murders, reaching the dimensions of a phenomenon of persecution, in the areas leading Republican nominal control, but not exclusively, during the first months of the armed conflict and social revolution that took place in that area. The area under the control of rebel forces also existed episodes in much smaller numbers and at peak times, to religious. This violence is not only argued against the fundamental rights of thousands of people, many of whom were killed some, even after torture, but also systematically practiced against those goods and objects considered symbols of religiosity, damaging or destroying much...
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