Causes of the War of 1812 The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815 (Findling, 15). When the war began, it was being fought by the Americans to address their grievances toward the British, though toward the end, the issues eventually were unjustified and reasons manipulated. There is no single cause for the War of 1812 but instead, several related causes, such the influence of the War Hawks, the impressments as well as the Embargo and Non-Intercourse acts, and the British's possible interference with the Indian Nations, and land ownership disputes between the Natives and Americans, ultimately leading to the Battle of Tippecanoe. The War Hawks were a group of 20 Democratic Republicans from the south and west United States, who supported the war against Britain. They were united by the outrages regarding the impressment on the seas and the British Orders in Council which were crippling the American economy. The War Hawks were annoyed at the slow strategies that Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were taking; war, the War Hawks were convinced, was the only responsible and honorable reply to the injustices against the USA. A new congress met in 1811, with many War Hawks in prominent and powerful positions, giving them a lot of influence on the debates and access to the government's funds. Henry Clay, a War Hawk and passionate speaker, was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, as well as Peter B. Porter had the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. With many men in high positions, the War Hawks had a good platform to be heard. From November 1811 to June1812, the War Hawks argued for war and the necessary financial and military preparations ( background/war_hawks.html, War Hawks). Many were against war, but several voted for increased military spending, and to expand the militia. The Hawks were confident that Britain would yield to US demands if it

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