Causes of the Revolution

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Appendix B

Causes of the Revolution

Complete the grid by describing each pre-war event and explaining how it contributed to the Revolutionary War.

Pre-War Event
Contribution to the Revolutionary War

French and Indian War

The French and Indian War was a battle over territory between France and Great Britain that took place in 1754 in North America and lasted approximately seven years. Great Britain gained a rather large portion of North America after signing the Treaty in Paris to end the war, but arguments over who was going to pay for the expensive war led to tension between the British colonies in America and Britain (Schultz, K. ND).

As the war ended, disputes over the cost arose and the British government imposed taxes on the colonies to help pay for the costly debt (McGill, S. 2009). They also decided to put restrictor limitations on the colonies by controlling where they could settle, taxing more goods for revenue, and removing corrupt officials from the colonies (Schultz, K. ND). The British colonist hoped that King George III would protect them from parliament, but he only supported them and created more taxes which outraged the colonist (Schultz, K. ND).

Sugar Act

The Sugar Act of 1764, protected sugar prices and was created to increase revenue to pay for the British debt and end the trafficking of sugar and molasses between the Dutch and French. The act basically gave full control to the sugar plants of British West Indies and the American markets, however, the colonist disputed that the smuggling stopped once the taxes were lowered (Sugar Act, 2014). The American colonists were so outraged by this Act because they were forced by the British government to pay taxes without fair representation at Parliament (“Sugar Act,” 2014). They were further frustrated by the fact that British commissioners were allowed to search and remove property from shipmasters without...
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