Causes of the American Revolution

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Causes of the American Revolution
The American Revolution embarked the beginning of the United States of America. A war that lasted eight years, 1775-1783, was able to grant the thirteen colonies the independence they deserved by breaking free of British rule. The war was an effect of the previous French and Indian War, which forced England to tax the American colonist, compelling them to rebel against parliament. From the 1760’s to 1775, many factors lead up to the American Revolution such as the various acts the British Parliament passed to pay the war debt, no representation in parliament, and the American people wanting to gain their independence. “No Taxation without Representation”, a slogan used by the American colonist, was the most important cause of the colonists declaring war for their independence on the British government.

When the French and Indian War broke out, it was fought to claim territory and to declare the higher power. When the treaty of Paris was signed it declared the end of the war. However, the battles managed to leave Great Britain in an enormous amount of debt. As a consequence of the war, parliament claimed it was the colonist’s fault therefore implicating a series of acts that taxed all necessities. The taxation put “a financial burden [on] the shoulders of the colonist.”1 The Sugar Act of 1764 was one of the first taxations passed by English Parliament in order to recover some cost from the war. The act provided a system to load and unload cargo from the merchant ships so no smuggling could take place. It also had the power to tax certain goods that included sugar, coffee, indigo dye, and wines.2 The colonists reacted by verbally protesting, smuggling in good, and bribing tax officials. The Stamp Act was passed March of 1765. Colonist were “required [to have] an official stamp on about 50 different types of documents, ranging from playing cards to newspapers and college diplomas.”3 The act sent the colonist into a rage...

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