Causes of the American Revolution

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Causes of the American Revolution

I. Revolution Questions
a. Necessary – Coming of Age/Time Had Come or America would have remained obedient had England not made mistakes b. A true revolution or merely transfer of power from one wealthy group to another c. Capitalist motivation to keep money in America instead of taxes going overseas

II. Decades before 1754 – proud to be Englishmen
a. Colonists annoyed at Navigation Acts, Brits annoyed with chaotic legislatures b. Grown apart - could govern selves better than overseas

III. Causes
a. Sprit of self-reliance – decades of colonial legislatures, economicly indep. b. Religious annoyance – haven’t forgotten being kicked out c. England trying to improve trade/industry at America’s expense d. Colonists should pay for expense –no “taxation without representation” e. Enlightenment – well-read Jefferson, Adams

f. Mercantilism clashes with capitalism – trade w/ everyone

IV. Irritants
a. America forced to take in British criminals
b. Northern colonies that wanted to stop slave trade could not c. Royal governors looked down noses at colonists

V. British Debt – Americans seen as Englishmen, must bear cost/taxes a. Centuries of fighting/French and Indian War costly b. Troops needed to remain in America to protect against Indians

VI. Types of Protests
a. Speeches – James Otix/Patrick Henry
b. Harassment – burning governors homes/tar and feathering tax collectors c. Boycotts – refuse to buy British goods
d. Committees of Correspondence – method of colonies talking e. Propaganda/Pamphlets – Common Sense – Thomas Paine

VII. Catalysts
a. 1763 – Proclamation of 1763 – Colonists can’t move west of Appalachian b. 1764 – Sugar Act – duties on sugar, textiles, coffee, wine c. 1764 – Currency...
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