Causes of Student Weakness in English

Topics: Education, Second language, Psychology Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: December 7, 2008
Causes of Student Weakness in English

A foreign language can be quiet difficult to master especially for learners who are living in their mother country. However, students are expected to have a certain knowledge in English language so as to be able to continue their studies and communicate easily in their personal and professional life. Unfortunately, most of today’s students don’t seem to reach the level required due to some reasons that I intend to discuss in this paper.

One of the most obvious reasons that produce students’ weakness in English is their lack of will and awareness. They often think that there is no point in learning another language, so they don’t put any effort in it. Some of them may give it some attention but they give up eventually because of the hard work and practice that it demands. There are also indolent students who just prepare to pass the exam. Therefore, they rarely remember anything after the test.

Some times, the students are not the only ones to blame. There are some instructors who don’t really know what they are doing. Teaching is not an easy job that anyone can do. Most of the incompetent teachers are inexperienced, unqualified or unskilled. Some of them are not familiar with the different techniques and methods of teaching. Others can not manage a class properly. Consequently, students have difficulties to absorb the information and may loose interest in the subject.

In the last case, neither the students, nor the teachers are guilty. The books and learning resources used can seriously affect the performance of students. If the resources available are outdated or inappropriate, the results will not be as satisfying as when the environment of the learner offers a wide range and variety of valuable resources.

Students' weakness in English is a real issue that causes a lot of concern. A better understanding of the reasons that influence the student’s level in English may help to take some measures to change the...
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