Causes of Stress Among Adolescent

Topics: Adolescence, Causality, Cosmological argument Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: December 28, 2012
In this day, people especially adolescent and adults have to face a various economic and social problems in their life. Because of this, they became stressed even the problem is not the bigger as they expects. As we know, adolescent have to deal with many situations and challenges which provoke a lot of concern and worry. These moment can gives teens the motivation to do their best, but sometimes they can have a harmful effect on people mentally and physically. In a more informal survey of 60 young people (Walker, 1985), the primary sources of tension and trouble for teens and their friends were: relationships with friends and family; the pressure of expectations from self and others; pressure at school from teachers, coaches, grades and homework; financial pressures; and tragedy in the lives of family and friends (described as death, divorce, cancer). As a result, percentage of adolescent increase year by the year. Here are the causes of stress among adolescents. The first cause is the condition of family life. As we know, the arguments in each family member is actually the main reason that affects the stress on teenagers. When there is fighting among parents, divorce will occur and this will result in neglected children without their parents' love. That parents spend less time with their children at home are also among the causes of stress in adolescents. Greenhaus, Collins, and Shaw (2003) found that those who spent more time in family than in work reported a higher quality of life. Family health is also a leading cause of stress. A sick family member, a serious injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion all cause stress. Adolescents also think that they have to deal with all this problems and of course it can interfere with their education. In addition, the actions of parents who force their children to study without stopping also a cause of stress from family. Parents also too want success for their children without thinking abilities their...
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