Causes of Stress

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Causes of Stress

Freshmen year for college students is an experience that all students react to

differently. Although being separated from home may seem like an exciting part in life,

there are many disadvantages towards it. The transition from high school to college

is a big change because of differences within schedules, food complications, being

far away from family and friends, and making new group of friends in a very diverse

environment. There are five main causes of stress in college. They consist of the

transition from high school to college, separation from home, homework overload, relationships

and dept.

One reason why college students begin to stress out throughout their freshmen

year is because it is an abrupt change from high school to college. In college, students

create their own schedule as no one will particularly care if you get to class on time,

get your homework done, get enough sleep, or eat right. There is no one to tell you

what to do and when to do it. The student has to decide when free time, studying

time and relaxing time is. Living at school, the amount of time a student spends on

homework and studying is his/her own choice. It is the student’s responsibility to get

all of the work done on time. No one is there to say to complete the assignments or

study for exams coming up. In college, students have to learn how to plan their time

wisely. At home, it is very different. A parent will nag you to make sure that the

homework is done. Furthermore, there are other responsibilities students have to

take on in college. They have to buy their own food, do their own laundry, and make

their own bed each day. This can cause stress on the students because these

responsibilities are very different than what they are used to. It seems there is little

time to do so much work. It is a lot easier to stick to the same routine and not go

through such a drastic transition. Trying to adapt to this kind of lifestyle will lead to

stress for a number of students.

Another cause of stress is separation anxiety between the student and home.

For four years, these teens had a specific schedule to follow, activities they

participated in, friends they hung out with, and the daily guidance of family. Students

enter a completely new phase. A phase that will likely have them living away from

your family and friends for the first time, having to live with a stranger and make

new friends. Because college is so diverse, many students may or may not be used

to being around so many different types of people depending on where they grew

up. Being apart from family and your own home may be an exciting thing to most

college students, but soon as weeks pass by, home is where most students want to

be. Being able to get advice from your own parents, siblings, and friends and just

having family around makes you comfortable. These causes can result in reluctance

to attend class, bad grades, trouble sleeping, bad food habits and/or crying (Scott, Stress in College).

The third cause of stress on college students is the amount of homework they

are given. There is a lot more work given in college than in high school. Each

professor will assign papers, reading, tests, quizzes and other assignments that will

pile up. It seems to student’s that there’s not enough time to get all this work. It can

be very frustrating trying to get all the work done by the day that it is due. Back in

high school there wasn’t half as much work to complete and study for. Students begin

spending most of their time in the library not doing anything else. Sleep deprivation

becomes a habit. Others will fall behind and not be able to handle all of the

work. This can result in failure of grades or being dropped from a class because

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