Causes of Smoking Habit Among Teenagers

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Cigarette, Lung cancer Pages: 5 (1634 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Causes of Smoking habit among Teenagers

Regina Jane A. Ancheta
Prof. Dangla


Chapter 1:
Each year a great amount of money are being wasted in smoking. Although it is quite obvious that smoking habit is dangerous and injurious to health but still a larger number of people especially teenagers attracting and getting involved in smoking habit day by day. Some reasons of this addiction are obvious such as influence of friends or community member as teenage is an enjoyable period of life span which offers all delights, it can be positive or negative as well. Some teen do experimental smoking just for taste in friends gathering but this experience enters in their life as a regular experiment.

The objective of the study is to judge the acceptance and analyze the factors those attract and make acceptance of smoking within teenagers.

Background of the study
Present research intended to find out the causes of smoking among the teenagers. The corresponds of the research was comprised of 20 male and 20 female students studying at Manuel Roxas High School level of public school of Quezon City. Sample of the study comprised of 20 male and 20 female respondent, their aged ranged from 13 to 19 years.

Statement of the problem
-Why do teenagers smoke?
-Why do teenagers start smoking?
-What are the signs of teenager smoking?

Foreign Literature
Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.” Almost everyone in America can read this message and pin point exactly where it came from. It is well known for being printed on every single pack of cigarettes sold in America and in other countries as well. It is mandatory for this message to be printed on every pack because of how serious the effects of smoking are and how easy it is to become addicted to smoking them. There are millions of campaigns and advertisements against cigarette smoking communicating to the world that this terrible habit causes many illnesses ultimately leading to death. But a threat to health obviously does not seem to be a good enough reason for people to quit anymore, people somehow block this important information and ignore all of the possible consequences they are facing themselves with when they continue to smoke. The purpose of this essay is to discuss some of the many effects of cigarette smoking, including the broadly mentioned possibility of developing cancer or dying.  Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women. Cigarette smoking is directly responsible for 87 percent of lung cancer cases in the United States annually. Both non small cell lung cancer and small lung cancer can be caused by cigarette smoking, cigar smoking and second hand smoke. It can be difficult to diagnosis lung cancer early because the symptoms often do not present themselves aggressively until the disease is in advanced stages, which puts people in an even worse situation. If cancer is found, the doctor will take the time to do some staging which is determining whether it has spread to other parts of the body such as the brain or bones. Cause and effect of cigarettes. The question is why people smoke cigarettes knowing the dangers that have been proven over the years. Cigarettes are one of the most popular addictions in the world. They may be the most popular addiction drug in the world but it is also the most deadly in it also. Cigarettes are filled with a high quantity of nicotine which is the addicting part of it. For many people, smoking is a reliable lifestyle tool to cope with reality. Although every person's specific reasons to smoke are unique, they all share a common theme. Smoking is used as a way to suppress uncomfortable feelings, and smoking is used to relive stress, calm nerves, and relax. No wonder when you are deprived of smoking, your mind and body are unsettled for a little while. Smoking is also a way to avoid feeling emotions such as...
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