Causes of Plastic Surgery Mishaps

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Causes of Plastic Surgery Mishaps
Jill Ayala
Eng 101
May 29, 2011
Linda O’Connor

Plastic surgery has become an obsession in the United States in the past 10 years. More than 13.1 million procedures were performed in 2010 in the United States, up 2% from 2009 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2010). Today’s society places a great deal of emphasis on physical appearance and people are striving to change their appearance, no matter what the cost. More and more people are seeking out plastic surgery as a means of improving their appearance. While most people are satisfied with their results, all surgery carries risks and there are several causes for plastic surgery to have bad outcomes. Patients are going into plastic surgery expecting the fountain of youth effect but coming out with less than perfect results. New and better techniques are discovered all the time in the plastic surgery world. A surgeon should participate in training seminars and classes to ensure that they are up-to-date with all the current techniques every five to eight years. Injuries and complications can result if a surgeon is not properly trained and certified in the particular surgical field that he will be performing on a patient. To reduce the chances of plastic surgery mistakes from happening it is important to only choose surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Under experienced or poorly trained surgeons can cause patients to have disfiguring and irreversible damage. Obtain a list of the surgeons previous patients, contact them, and ask them about their experiences and satisfaction. If patients are not comfortable with a particular surgeon they need to find another doctor to perform their plastic surgery procedure. A person’s first

instincts are usually right, always trust them. If a patient chooses a surgeon who is uneducated or under skilled, he or she is setting themselves up for a wide range of possible damages. Physical damages can range anywhere from scarring to deformations. Traumatizing results, pain and suffering, and a longer recovery time are some of the emotional damages a patient can encounter. If a patient is scarred, deformed, or has received the wrong procedure the financial damages of having to have additional or corrective procedures could be a lifelong financial burden. Doctors who have poor judgment skills are another cause for plastic surgery mishaps to occur. When doctors have an overly aggressive approach by performing too many procedures in one surgery it can cause the patient’s body to go into shock. Doctors overly tightening the skin in plastic surgery procedures can give the patient a hard plastic look. Performing procedures that do not need to be done can cause the patient to have temporary nerve damage that can last up to two years. A severed nerve can cause numbness and permanent muscle damage. Poor patient selection is another bad judgment some doctors make. The physical and mental health of patient must be examined and doctors must take into account any information obtained before any surgical procedure is performed. Patients who are depressed or mentally unstable should not have plastic surgery performed on them due to the fact that medications can affect their chemical balances in their brains. Patient’s expectations about the outcomes of the procedures are a huge factor in patient selection. If a patient has too high or unrealistic expectations of the outcome of plastic surgery it can cause mental and psychological mishaps. 4

To avoid risks associated with some pre-existing conditions it is important for the surgeon to conduct a thorough pre operative examination. It is very important that the patient discuss his or her previous and current medical, physical, and mental health with the surgeon so that all necessary precautions can be taken to try to avoid any unforeseen situations. It is important to...

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