Causes of Obesity in America

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Obesity in America
Many people would say obesity is a huge problem in America. Obesity has always been around but, until recently it wasn’t very common in the population. The percentage of obese citizens in America has dramatically risen in the last decade. Obesity is very dangerous and unhealthy and can lead to many diseases. The 3 main causes of obesity in America are lack of physical activity, low quality diet, and genetics.

Lack of physical activity is one cause of obesity in America. Cars are the favored way of transportation rather than walking or riding a bike. Video games are a popular activity rather than going outside and throwing a football. (Lack of physical activity is found to be the most significant factor in contributing to childhood obesity) according to .The technology of today has made life easier and people lazier. Cars, video games, and other technology have made people less dependent on physical activity.

Another cause of obesity is low quality diets. The average American does not eat the needed supply of healthy food. Fresh produce and other natural foods are replaced by unhealthy foods. Heavily processed fast food is high in fat and eaten by most American families. (Recent observational studies have found that dietary patterns and obesity rates vary between neighborhoods, with living in a low-income or deprived area independently associated with the prevalence of obesity and the consumption of a poor diet.) Most people don’t eat healthy enough because natural and healthy foods are being replaced by greasy and unhealthy foods.

The last main cause of obesity is genetics. Family genetics play a big role in the way you store fat and where it accumulates on your body. Also, some genes can cause obesity related diseases. Having obese relatives increases the risk of someone becoming obese because they share the same genes. (Most likely, genes regulate how our bodies capture, store, and release energy from food.)...

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