Causes of Mental Illness

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Causes of Mental Illness
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Mental Health of an individual is affected by many factors. The factors which affect the mental health of a person in negative way result in mental illnesses. There are number of causes of mental illness. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the leading illness that affects the mental health of most of the Canadians. Huge number of people is suffering from PTSD these days. There are other factors as well that affects the mental health of an individual such as Genetics, infections, Defects or injuries and many more. There are certain psychological and environmental factors that have equivalent effect on the mental health of the person. Pre-natal damage to the brain and substance abuse put the person at the greater risk of having mental illness.

MENTAL HEALTH: Causes of mental Illness Post-Traumatic stress disorder which is one of the leading causes that affects the mental health of people is likely to happen with 1 in 10 people. The Canadian Mental Health Association defines PTSD as an anxiety disorder characterized by reliving a psychologically traumatic situation, long after any physical danger involved has passed, through flashbacks and nightmares. People who witness shocking and unexpected events in their life are the ones who go through this state of mind. It leaves the person scared of everything that reminds them of that particular incident that was horrifying for them. It detaches the person from the society and the person is likely to feel that they can’t live a normal life again. The sufferer becomes emotionally numb and starts avoiding activities, thoughts and feelings that they once used to enjoy....

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