Causes of Failing Grades of Most College Students and How Do They Learn from Those Failures

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CAUSES OF FAILING GRADES OF MOST COLLEGE STUDENTS AND HOW DO THEY LEARN FROM THOSE FAILURES Topic Question : What are the reason of failing grades of most college students and how do they learn from their mistakes. College is a big change from high school. Students suddenly find themselves with more freedom and independence but also a lot more work. Those who were once good students may find their grades slipping once in college. There are many reasons why some students don't thrive at a university and begin failing their courses and for me this are the four major reasons why they fail. Most of the students do have underestimating workload that stress them too much. Some students go into college underestimating how much homework is involved. Each course has its own professor who will assign homework, give tests and quizzes, and assign projects. If students don't keep on top of their workload and stay organized, it's easy to fall behind rather quickly. Because each college course only lasts one semester, there is less time to recover from a bad start. Some also have Extracurricular Activities that doesn't really help them in their studies. Universities offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. There are sororities and fraternities, social clubs and dorm socials. For a young student, it can be hard to choose to be responsible and study instead of participate in more fun activities with friends. There also students that lack in their life goals that doesn't motivate to study harder. When a student has a specific career goal in mind, she has something to work toward while in school. When a student doesn't have that goal, she is living for the present and has a lack of motivation. Some of them also picked a bad major choice that makes them want to transfer to another course. There are students who go into college knowing what field they want to work in and what major they want to go into. The problem,...
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