Causes of Crime

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Causes of Crime

Carolyn Whatley, Eddie Blanco, Laura Rushing,
Adrian Garcia, Mel Bravo

University of Phoenix

Causes of Crime

Throughout history the study of what causes crime has been an important part of helping in the reduction of some of the crimes. Studies have shown that there are several contributing factors as to the reason individuals commit crime. Among these factors there is Biological Theories, Sociological Theories, Psychological Theories, Economic Theories, and Educational Theories. Each of these theories has been studied in depth to show what the contributing factor is from the theory.

The study of the causes of crime has been researched and documented throughout history. In these studies it has been determined that the root causes of crime can be contributed to cultural, social, mental, economic and family conditions. It has been determined that to reduce or prevent crime, the root cause needs to be understood. Understanding the causes of crime is the most important part to the prevention of crime. According to the article Causes of Crime – The Complexities of Crime, individuals are influenced by biological, psychological, sociological, economic and educational conditions in different ways.

Biological Theories have been used as an excuse for an individual’s crime. Studies have shown that most crimes that are committed by the youth start at a young age and are mostly males. Many crimes committed by juvenile males are blamed on the high testosterone levels or an imbalance of chemistry in the body of the juvenile. Some studies have shown that as the young male offender gets older; he will most likely stop committing crime as his testosterone levels drop.

According to research from the late 1950’s and research that is continued today, an individual’s body type plays a role in their delinquency and crime. In this and other studies it has been found that some individuals have biological traits that...

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