Causes of Advancement of the Civil Rights Movement between 1955-68

Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: February 24, 2014
How far were the actions of the federal government the main reason for the advancement of the civil rights movement in the period 1955-68?

The federal government has played a key role in the progress to black equality along the civil rights movement. In particular the voting rights act of 65, which brought in a huge legal change for the black americans of the time, as it allowed black americans to get involved with the running of the US directly effecting their lives. However this was not just down to the federal government as like many other of the advances in civil right between the period 1955 to 68, the black activist groups had a huge influence to bringing such cases as the voting rights act to the attention of the court through hard campaigning and suffer. So to an extent the federal government can be seen to have had an impact but only to the extent that they only did the legal work.

The federal government were always seemed to end up being involved with most civil rights movements, whether they succeeded in helping the progress of the civil rights civil movement, or they held it back by being uncooperative. One of the many examples of federal government making huge change for the advances of the civil right movement, was the civil rights act of 1964. This act succeeded in outlawing all de jure discrimination throughout the US. Also the act made it illegal to racially discriminate through employment which had a huge effect giving all black the right to earn an equal living to a normal white american showing huge change in the civil rights of black americans. Most importantly the act gave the government the power and authority to take action over racial discrimination in many aspects of american life. The follow up act that came a year later in 1965 ensured that the black americans were making significant advances in civil rights and publicized to the world that the US was the ultimate democracy once more. This voting rights act scrapped all the...
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