Causes and Impacts of Storm Events in the Birtish Isles.

Topics: Warm front, Wind, Weather Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Storm events in the British Isles are caused by depressions which form out in the Atlantic Ocean and are brought to us mainly by the tropical maritime air mass moving north-east over the British Isles. A depression is a low pressure weather system formed where a cold air mass interacts with a warm air mass creating a cold and warm front when this happens the whole thing turns into a huge vortex with the air being sucked in and then deflected by the Coriolis effect resulting in an anticlockwise rotation in the northern hemisphere. At the cold front, the cold air mass moves faster and is denser than the warm air, thus displacing the warm air. This creates results in unsettled weather including rain, strong winds and a variety of stormy cumulus clouds; all of which associated with rapidly rising warm air and cloud forming condensation where the warm air meets colder air. At the warm front, at the rear of the depression, the warm air is still essentially being displaced but the weather here is milder since the clouds formed are more the result of condensation at the meeting of cold and warm air, as opposed to the warm air rapidly rising. A depression is formed where these two fronts meet. Where the two fronts meet, warm is rising up and out of the cold air's way and therefore we have low pressure, the depression ends when the two fronts are joined, all the warm air has been forced upwards this is known as an occluded front at this point there is no longer and storm activity. The worst part of a storm is when the cold front is passing over and this can have extreme impacts on the people living there and the environment. The storm of 1987 occurred on the 15th and 16th of October due to a depression which formed in the bay of Biscay and mainly affected the south and south-east of the UK. Southern England suffered the most extensive destruction. The 1987 storm was the most damaging event to occur in the U.K. since the November 1703 storm, which killed many thousands of...
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