Causes and Effects of a Suburban Sprawl

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February 11, 2005

Suburban Sprawl has effect are natural landscapes and aesthetics of cityscapes. Sprawl has a negative image in streets, commercial, residential, and overall appearance of cities if not properly planned. Many Americans travel to different cities to find aesthetically pleasing environments and landscapes.

Landscapes are visible features of landforms and objects around structure building such as tress, gardens, or waterfalls. Culture landscapes are places people live and visit in the countryside, village, or city. Aesthetic landscapes appearance may offer cultural significance, and history. Las Vegas is an example of city offers New York, New York Casino as homage to the iconic American city. This casino not only attracts more tourist, but offers and cityscape skyline remembrance to the city.

The imageless cities are form without landscapes cause by over development roadways, highways, and concrete expansion . There are no mature trees or diverse architecture forming different surroundings and parklike settings. Landscaping has matured neighborhoods and has added various additions to homes. New developers may be against landscaping an area for many reasons. By having high mature trees, bushes, and gardens may block the view of signage, believing customers will notice their shop or business. The cost of maintaining good landscaping is costly and developers refuse to pay for, instead they invest large parking lots making their business accessible to the automobile. No extensive landscape results to sameness in culture and communities have no define character.

Today many American cities want to stop sprawl, in defense "Smart Growth" development assistance the cities finically and the population growth. Smart Growth eliminates most suburban sprawl and redefines most communities. There are many terms for Smart Growth development, but I believe it is a form of mix use and balance of...
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