Causes and Effects of Stress in Saudi Society

Topics: Anxiety, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Causes and Effects of Stress in Daily Life
Stress is a big part of life of many people around the world , including Saudi people . Nowadays , Everyone suffers from stress some point in their day. They would get irritated very easily. They would feel anxious and unable to concentrate on their work . The causes of stress are enormous and everyone in the society deals with it regardless of their age .Stress is very serious condition .It can cause fatigue, headaches, and back pain . Constant stress can increase blood pressure and can increase the risk for stroke. In a recent survey over 76% of people who live in Riyadh have said that they experienced a notable amount of stress. This due to many factors such the state of the world which we live in or work, the economical and the social problems . The first factor that bring about stress to people in our society is the state of the world which we live in or work . The fast-paced life and the constant acceleration city , leads people to live quickly and do a lot of hard work that their body cannot bear . As a result , this hard work can give rise to stress which eventually destroy the health and lives of young people. The second factor that bring about stress in Saudi society is the economic state . Saudi Arabia is developing country . The rapid development and growth of the country has resulted in rising inflation. As consequence of inflation , the living standard in Saudi Arabia is very high nowadays .The cost of housing is sometimes unaffordable . These problems can cause frustration and depression to people . In fact , they lead to financial stress . A considerable number of people get worried that they don’t have enough money to match this expensive life which generate eventually excessive stress . The third factor that causes stress is social problems . Caring for a dependent (children or elderly) and caring for someone who is medically dependent (either from sickness of...
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